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Watch: The Narrative shares lyric video of 'Monoliths'

The song released in 2021 got a lyric video inspired by its artwork


The Narrative shared today (01) the lyric video for their song "Monoliths" released on June 14, 2021. The track is part of band's 3-folk-songs release including "Little Boys Break Hearts" and a new song announced on their Medium. According to a tweet on October, the band plans the third song to be release on December.

Watch the lyric video of "Monoliths" below

"Monoliths" is a song described by Jesse on their Medium page as "From a general perspective, the song is a reflection on the state of humanity and our lack of respect for our planet and fragile existence. It’s told through the perspective of two people (lovers, maybe?) traveling through the south (inspired by my time living here!) as humanity’s existence is collapsing due to some sort of now irreversible harm we’ve done to our planet. Carbon emissions, war, man made zombies, artificial intelligence deciding we’re a net negative… take your pick!" reflected by the view of two people.

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