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No Country For New Nashville: Enchanting new single 'Little Boys Break Hearts'

The website talked about The Narrative's new song and shared lyric video for it


The site No Country For New Nashville posted about The Narrative's lastest song 'Little Boys Break Hearts'. The post by Philip Obenschain talked about the band's past releases and the story of the song shared by The Narrative on Instagram.

Also the posts features the lyric video for the song. The post shared a new photo from 2016's photoshoot by Mary Beth Blankenship (photo at the end of this post). You can read the full article of No Country For New Nashville here. 

Watch the Lyric video for 'Little Boys Break Hearts' below

On the instagram post, the site shared two new photos from the band's 2016 photoshoot. You can see it below

The-Narrative - Credit Mary Beth Blankenship

The Narrative - Credit Mary Beth Blankenship