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Listen to The Narrative's new song 'Monoliths'

The Narrative release it's first single in five years period


The Narrative Monoliths song cover with a black and white photo of a hill of buildings in Israel

The Narrative released on june 14, 2021 their first single "Monoliths" since the release of the second studio album "Golden Silence". We posted some news about the release of the song some weeks ago and here it is! The single is finally released and you can listen to it bellow.

The song is classified as Folk/World music and is published by Future Billionaires. Recorded at Red Wire Audio and produced by Bryan Russell.

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Written By: The Narrative
Produced By: The Narrative & Bryan Russell @ Red Wire Audio
Engineered By: Bryan Russell @ Red Wire Audio
Mixed By: Bryan Russell @ Red Wire Audio
Mastered By: Sam Moses @ Moses Mastering

'Monoliths' is available at

Stream on Spotify
Buy the song on iTunes/Stream Apple Music

Spread the news and share with your friends the new song. And rememeber to support the artists buying the music if you can. Independent musicians can grow with their fans!

The single cover photography

The artwork of the single features a photo from West Bank in Israel. The photo is from Jesse's site.