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New photo on The Narrative's instagram about 'Monoliths'

To promote the new song "Monoliths", The Narrative had posted a new photo on their Instagram account @thenarrativemusic. The band captioned the photo with the proccess of recording a song during the pandemic of Covid-19:

We have a new song coming out on 6/14. It’s called Monoliths. We recorded it during the pandemic and practiced it on my (Suzie’s) back porch far enough away from each other that we wouldn’t give each other COVID if we had it, but close enough to know we had some really pretty harmonies going. We can’t wait to share it with you. It is the *exact opposite* of a happy summer jam that a band might release around this time of year but we’ve never been good at following the trends so...
Check the photo from Warped Tour in 2011 by Vicky Dinka.

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Suzie with a crooked smile and Jesse poses in front of a unfocused yard with red and yellow house shapes and grass
Suzie and Jesse for Vicky Dinka at Warped Tour in 2011


The Narrative shares backstage recording of live on WOOD-TV 'West Vibe Eight West'


 On july 25, 2010 The Narrative performed at the WOOD-TV 'West Vibe Eight West' "Music & Food: The taste of Grand Rapids-MI". On instagram, The Narrative posted a footage of the live performance of "Sirens & Silence" in the backstages of the Wood-Tv.

Watch the IG-TV here to open on Instagram

Here's the original video from Wood Tv8 on YouTube

The Narrative's new song 'Monoliths' to be released 6/14

The Narrative announced via Instagram a new song to be released on the 6/14. The song titled 'Monoliths' is the first song since the full lenght album "Golden Silence".More infos will be released soon.

You can pre-save the song on Spotify here

The song is already registered at BMI. 
Check the storie below. Follow the band on Instagram @thenarrativemusic

You can listen to 'Monoliths' below

Behind the story: The Narrative shares the story of the song 'Reason to Leave'


The Narrative posted on the band's Instagram a video with the lyrics of the single 'Reason to Leave' off of the second studio album "Golden Silence" and (Jesse) wrote the captions talking about the meaning of the song that talks about the life of immigrants in the US and what is the struggles some of them have to go through

Listen to 'Reason to Leave'

In 2010 my (Jesse) then-girlfriend-now-wife who is a natural born Mexican citizen was employed as a pastry chef at a hot new Manhattan based bakery. The bakery, which had said they’d try to acquire a work visa for her, ultimately could not, and so she applied on her own. She made the decision she would leave her position at the bakery while waiting for her status approval, and went to visit her family for a week in Mexico before returning back legally on a separate visa she had. On her way back, because she had applied for a work visa she was flagged at immigration. Had she not applied, she would have had no issues. After being asked if she was working in the US and honestly responding about her situation, she was issued a 5 year deportation.

There’s a lot more context here but I was struggling with a lot of anger, sadness, and frustration at the state of immigration in our country. One day I was listening to Icky Thump by @thewhitestripes and was inspired to write about it, and thus "Reason to Leave" was born. “Well, Americans: What, nothing better to do? Why don’t you kick yourself out? You’re an immigrant too. Who’s using who? What should we do? Well you can’t be a pimp and a prostitute too.”

For those immigrants who get sworn in today to US citizenship, they are forced to renounce any “allegiance and fidelity” to their homeland and “bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law”. Listen to the whole song on Golden Silence, our 2016 full length available on Spotify.

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